Why Is It Hard For Lao Girls To Travel Overseas

It is generally much easier for Lao girls living in Laos to travel into neighbouring Southeast Asian countries than it is for them to fly overseas.

Lao girls want to travel overseas for different reasons. It could be because they plan to visit relatives for a holiday, a young person wanting to study or work abroad, or perhaps they want to move permanently to a foreign country to be with their partner.

Lao girls who apply to travel overseas need to go through stages of process, and even if the Lao Government approves her application, the authorities of the foreign country such as the Department of Immigration must also be satisfied of her intentions of entering the country.

It can take many months and even over a year for them to come up with a decision. This is because both Lao and foreign authorities need to ensure that she will travel to another country legitimately and unlikely to violate the terms of her visa, and also prevent her from being smuggled, trafficked, or fall victim to blackmail at the hands of organized crime.

The standard procedure to travel overseas is that she needs a sponsor. A sponsor is a genuine person who will financially support and accommodate her in the foreign country. If her sponsor has a good bank balance and all documentations are correct then it shouldn't be a problem for her to travel abroad, but it may take time. If she comes from a financially stable family in Laos then that also makes her case easier.

It's impossible for us to write a detailed information because Lao girls travel overseas for different reasons, and each country will have different ways of handling visa procedures. The Embassy of the country that she plans to travel can provide her with assistance and guidance about entering the country.