Why Doesn't Laos Have Any High-Rise Buildings

Laos' tallest building Don Chan Palace Hotel in Vientiane is a dollhouse compared to the skyscrapers of other cities in the world.

The reason why Laos doesn't have high-rise buildings is because they are inappropriate for a small country like Laos and we don't need them. They reduce the potential for open space and we will lose some of the heritage and character of Lao cities.

Not only are high-rise buildings more expensive to build, but it serves no purpose to construct spectacular and extravagant buildings when not many Lao people live and work in the cities and the congestion is not at the levels experienced in other countries. There is enough area in Laos for residential apartments, hotels, guest houses, office buildings and shopping centres to be kept within a reasonable low-rise height.

The Lao government is putting more emphasis on constructing schools, factories, sports and entertainment venues as well as providing cleaner streets and a sustainable public transport sytem. Too much work needs to be done in Laos and the last thing to worry about is high-rise buildings.