Why Do Lao Girls Like To Dye Their Hair

Gone are the days when you had to live with the natural colour of your hair all your life. While it is extremely tempting for Lao girls to colour their hair as their fashion models and Asian movie stars, not every Lao girls dye their hair. Compared to other Asian countries, dying hair is actually not as popular in Laos.

However, many Lao girls especially those in the city still like to die their hair from natural black colour to something lighter such as brown. It's really a personal choice because they want to look young and beautiful, and there might be pressure for older Lao women to keep the grey at bay.

Lao girls maybe feel that they can't afford to spend as much on fashion, so having their hair dyed is the next best thing. It gives them an instant lift and can make them feel younger and prettier without any surgical procedure.

There are Lao girls who just couldn't be bothered changing their hair colour because they don't have the money, or they are afraid that their hair might damage, or perhaps they don't want to keep retouching once their hair grows longer or when the colour fades. The more south you go in Laos, the more you see Lao girls with their natural hair colour.

Regardless of their hair colour, many Lao girls still look very attractive because they have nice eyes and skin tones. One thing is for sure, there isn't anything wrong with Lao girls who want to keep up with the latest trend, and have something new and exciting with a different hair colour.