Why Are Lao Girls In Laos Beautiful

It's a fact that Lao girls living in Laos are right up there amongst the most beautiful girls in this world.

Lao girls have gorgeous eyes, natural smile and long silky hair. They are blessed with beautiful genes because their parents are good looking.

Most Lao foods are generally nutritious with less fat compared to most countries and this also contributes to the girls' good health and making them look good and sexy.

Pretty Lao girls like to stay indoors and they don't like to stay out in the sun. If you visit any school in Laos, you will notice that many female students like to use umbrellas to shield themselves from the sun's rays. That is why many Lao girls have soft, wrinkle-free skin and their faces appear younger than their actual age.

Lao girls who need to stay in the sun for long periods are also are very conscious of sunburn and skin cancer. They often wear wide brimmed hats and long sleeve shirts or protective arm-sleeves.

In Laos, maintaining an overally good appearance is very important when applying for jobs. A resume is irrelevant for most ordinary jobs because if a Lao girl is very attractive with no experience, most employers will still be eager to hire them. Beauty sells, look all around you when travelling in Laos and you'll notice that there is a picture of a beautiful Lao girl somewhere such as a calendar in a restaurant and billboard on the streets. Many Lao television personalities are also attractive.

Lao girls generally have light skin so they look more appealing to the eyes. That is the reason why many Thai guys come to Laos to flirt with the girls, since many girls in Thailand are naturally dark.

Beauty for Lao girls in Laos is a real advantage because it could mean they have a very successful career and a handsome boyfriend.