Which Accommodation Should I Stay In Laos

Finding accommodation is one of the first things that overseas visitors to Laos think about when they plan to come for a holiday or business trip. In Laos, you have a few accommodation options at various prices available. We will provide some basic information about accommodation that you need to know.

In Laos, if you don't have relatives or friends to stay at their home for a short or an extended visit, or if it makes you feel more convenient and comfortable renting your own accommodation then there are three main choices for you. There's guest houses, hotels and apartments. All of these accommodation have rooms that are equipped with your own bed, bathroom, toilet, wardrobe, table, chair, towels and ceiling fan as a minimum. There's also possibly a television, air conditioning, refrigerator, phone and internet connection depending on the price of your rent.

The further you venture away from the city, accommodation can become limited to only guest houses. A guest house is an inexpensive type of accommodation that is typically between $6 US to $10 US per day. You can pay on a daily basis or in advance, so short and long stays are fine. The advantage of a guest house is that it's cheap and comfortable for simple visitors on a budget.

Hotel prices can start from $15 US to $2,000 US per day. Not many people can afford a Presidential Suite room for $2,000 US per day at the Don Chan Palace in Vientiane, but around $20 US per day for a room at other hotels is perfect for an average person. It's not necessary to make a reservation to stay in a hotel because most of the time there's vacant rooms. If not, there's usually another hotel nearby for you. Like guest houses, you can pay per day and hotels are usually more stylish with more facilities available.

Apartments range from $350 US to $2,000 US per month. You have to pay for one month in advance, so apartments are convenient for those who plan to stay for a minimum of a month. The rooms are furnished so there's no need to bring anything in. Apartments usually have a kitchen area equipped with basic dishes, utensils and maybe pots and pans. If you have alot of cash and you plan to stay in Laos for a long period of time, you can actually buy an apartment room if you really wanted to.

Take some time to work out what you want to look for. Have a good idea of what features are a "must have" for you, and what are just "nice to haves". This will make the hunting for an accommodation in Laos a lot easier. And as a general rule, always remember to check the room size, if it's quiet enough to sleep in, and check the bathroom situation before you accept your room.