Where Do Lao Girls Like To Hang Out

Well, it depends where they live. Most Lao girls in the countryside generally hang out with their friends and family at home because there is nowhere else to go. There are activities to do that help them get through the day such as household chores, visit their local Buddhist Temple, work in the rice fields and making handicrafts is considered a profitable hobby.

Lao girls in the countryside are the best at making reed mats, sticky rice baskets and steaming baskets. The countryside in Laos can be boring when they become teenagers and many "good" Lao girls like to move to the cities for further studies and better career opportunities.

The city lifestyle is different because there's more entertainment, restaurants, clubs, shops, cultural festivities and parties where Lao girls like to enjoy themselves with their friends, boyfriends and meet other people. Lao girls in the city like to drink too as a way of having fun and to fit in with friends.

When night falls in a Lao countryside, most people can only prepare to go to sleep. In the city, especially in Vientiane the nightlife is more active and exciting. The crucial thing to surviving in the city is that you really need to know people to have a wicked time, otherwise you would be bored most of the time. City Lao girls are generally found in plentiful numbers and they love to make new friends, but the thing to remember is that good Lao girls are seen during the day and bad Lao girls are out late at night.