When Is The Best Time To Marry A Lao Girl

Choosing a date to marry your Lao girl is a big decision. In Lao wedding customs there are "good" and "bad" days on the Buddhist calendar. Each year the good and bad days will be on a different date.

What this basically means is that it's in your best interest to get married on a good day because it will bring luck and fortune to the both of you. And you should avoid getting married on a bad day because it will only render bad luck or an unhappy marriage. As a result, choosing the date becomes a very important issue in Lao culture.

The day, month and year that you and your Lao girlfriend were born, and the animal associated with your birth year on the Lao Zodiac are also significant factors in determining a good day to have a wedding.

The ideal months to get married are December, January and February, the best day in the month is another matter that you need to look on the Buddhist calendar as a reference. March and April are good months as well but the weather is very hot in Laos. Lao people do not get married during the rainy season because it is considered bad months during these periods.

Some Lao people living abroad believe that it is superstitious to follow this tradition, so they decide not to follow the advice of elders. Instead, they believe best day is the day that works for their work schedules, and that allows them enough time to plan the big day and their friends and family are available.

In this day and age, that is acceptable since Lao people in foreign countries live a more hectic life than many people in Laos who have all the time in the world to do anything, so sometimes following the Buddhist calendar is not convenient for the Lao people overseas.