What Lao Girls Hate About Their Boyfriends

Lao girls can be can be so frustrating sometimes. Of course, we love them to bits but there are occasions when they can be more than a handful to handle. The truth is that she is acting this way because she is really in love with you.

A lot of Lao girls usually think that the only way to get attention when their boyfriend isn't listening or trying to ignore them is to act more emotional and be louder until he finally surrenders and pays attention to her, even if in annoyance.

On thing she hates is when you spend too much time with your friends, believe it or not. Yes they're your friends, no questions about that. She may not say it straight to your face but she does tend to get a little possessive when you're always out with some friends. In Laos, being with the boys means lots of drinking, smoking and probably, even chicks. So don't be mad when she is in a bad mood, she just needs some loving and more time and attention.

Lao girls really really really hates anything and everything to do with your ex-girlfriend. Yes that's right, she still hasn't gotten over her. You've moved on from your past relationship but she can't seem to forget about your ex that easily. Each time the name of your ex-girlfriend is mentioned, or your ex calls you to keep in touch as friends, or even if she sees an old picture of you together, that's enough to make her feel uncomfortable and insanely jealous. You can make your Lao girlfriend feel safe by reassuring her that you truly love her and you are loyal to her and the past should stay dead. The most important things in a relationship are communication, understanding each other and trust.

She also gets very mad and sick of you when you're Mr. Forgetful. You forgot to call, you forgot to pick her up, you forgot what day it is (it's her birthday!), you forgot to take the rubbish out, you forgot to take a shower. Be hygienic and neat, you can't be a good boyfriend if you're not a good person. When you forget something, it gives her the impression that you don't love her much. So try to improve your memory or write important things down so that you will remember. You'll need to think of some explaining and apologizing when you're caught forgetting.