What Jobs Can Foreigners Do In Laos

Some foreign visitors come to Laos for a short working holiday, to just spend a year or two doing something different before they return home. And there are some foreign expats who live in Laos permanently and make a great living doing what they love, or enough for a normal living.

People have all different reasons for choosing to work in Laos, full time or part time. It may be because they can no longer afford to live in their country and they it's more better and appreciated working and living in Laos. It may be because they've retired and they want to do some volunteer work, or they want to make a difference to Laos in their retirement. It may be because they want to visit Laos and earn an extra income during their break.

Whatever the reason, there's a variety of jobs for foreigners to do in Laos. Perhaps the most popular job for foreigners is teaching, whether it's teaching English, teaching maths, teaching science, and so forth. Just because you come from an English speaking country, it doesn't automatically qualify you as a good teacher. A teaching job requires the right qualifications and maybe prior experience.

You could work as a reporter or writer for an English newspaper company in Laos. If you understand Lao language, you could work as a translator. You can try working within an Embassy if you have connection. There's also engineering and computing jobs with foreign companies in Laos.

If you have no degree or skills but you have money, then you can open up your own business in Laos. Accomondation for tourists like a hotel or guest house, restaurant, bar, fish farm, jewellery or handicraft store are some opportunities that you can look at.

We wish you the best of luck if you're job hunting in Laos. The workplace in Laos is more relaxing and less stressful than a Western society so you can work at your own pace, and put more effort into having fun and enjoying the beautiful culture of Laos.