What Is The Food Like In Laos

Rice is the staple food of Lao people. Every household in Laos takes rice, especially sticky rice accompanied by meat as our main meal. The meat may be fish, beef, pork, chicken, duck etc and they are prepared in a variety of mouth-watering Lao style dishes. Occasionally, people eat noodles rather than rice.

Padaek (fermented fish sauce) is an ingredient in many Lao dishes such as laap (meat salad) and tum maak hoong (papaya salad). Hot chillis are usually added to most Lao foods. Other common seasonings are lime juice, lemon grass, garlic, mint, spring onion and coriander leaves. Most often there will be a soup of some kind, a salad and jeow (hot chilli dipping).

Desserts may consist of fresh fruit or one of the many traditional Lao sweets. The majority of desserts are made of coconut milk, egg and sugar, or sticky rice, sugar and banana in pandanus leaves.

The main difference between Lao and most other cuisines through out the world is that a lot of ingredients used are fresh. The weather is usually hot in Laos therefore foods are prepared and eaten quickly, and they are not left overnight to be spoiled.

Laos is truly diverse when it comes to food. It really depends on your taste buds. International food is also widely available at restaurants in tourist areas. These are more expensive than Lao food, but still relatively cheap by western standards.