What Do Lao Girls Like To Talk About

One thing men always forget when they're talking to a Lao girl is that a normal conversation is usually the best conversation. They make you feel relaxed, at ease and there's a better chance for you to get to know her better. So here are a few tips for you to talk to a Lao girl intelligently.

Compliment her but don't go overboard with it because she may think that you're creepy. So don't give her too many compliments, but definitely say at least one nice thing to her and it will put a smile on her face. Lao girls love a guy that notices things about them. Compliment her how she looks beautiful in her traditional Lao skirt, or mention about her shirt that you like.

Ask her lots of questions, especially leading questions. Questions which she can't answer with a few words. If you want her to open up about certain things, ask her about things. She will gradually become more comfortable around you if you let her talk as much as she wants.

Do not ever talk about yourself unless directly asked. Instead, only initiate conversations about her. If she mentions her dog, and you have a dog, a brief mention of "oh, I have a dog too" is acceptable but then follow up by asking her what breed is it, its name, how old is it, and so on. If she wants to know about your dog, she'll ask.

Talk to her about general everyday topics. Good conversation topics for Lao girls are things like music, shopping, Lao and Thai celebrities, family because Lao girls really love their family. Don't talk about sex to a good Lao girl unless she starts to, and refrain from talking about anything that she is not really interested in.

Honestly, it's not that difficult to talk to Lao girls because they are very friendly and polite. If you treat her well, you'll be surprised how quickly she will open up and really want to get to know you better.