Should I Marry A Younger And Beautiful Lao Girl

There is no question that Lao girls are very beautiful, whether it's their outer beauty, inner beauty or they possess both beauties. The younger they are, the more physically attractive they still are.

To choose a younger Lao girl to marry is acceptable if she is fine with it, but it's inappropriate in Lao culture if they are too younger than you. By that I mean the age difference shouldn't be more than 15 years, and the girl should be an adult (at least 18).

By having a young Lao wife not only gives the both of you more opportunities to produce as much children as possible, but studies in Germany indicate that men tend to live longer if they marry younger women, and men marrying older women are more likely to die early.

This is because a younger girl will care for a man better and therefore he will live longer. Another theory is that younger girls are more fun to be around and they make you laugh which is really good for you.

Some older guys come to Laos to marry a young Lao girl because they want to feel young again. They believe that a younger Lao girl can make them feel younger and more youthful, and bring them more happiness and excitement into their life.

In Laos, many Lao teenage girls are very mature and they can do the typical household duties such as cooking, cleaning, hand washing clothes, and they can even take responsibility for carrying and looking after their siblings. So by the time they enter their young adulthood, they have the experience and the ability to raise a happy and loving family.