Marriages Between Lao Girls And Western Men

In general, most western men who travel to Laos to marry Lao girls are those in their prime and they are either divorced or seperated. It is not common to see a young 20 or 30 year old western guy who purposely go to Laos to find a wife, instead their main intention is to travel around the country for leisure.

Records show that most western men are in a relationship with Lao girls that have dark skin. Light skin is a sign of beauty, wealth and intelligence in Laos and most of these light skinned girls like to play hard and they don't easily become interested in a relationship with western men.

Most Lao ladies who enter into marriage with westerners have low education and they come from poor families who see their marriage as a strategy to overcome poverty and to seek and easy way out. Over the years, a growing number of Lao girls married western men in hopes of migrating to their husband's country. Through the years however, there have been recorded unpleasant marriages of western men with Lao women. Either the marriage was short-lived or the marriage was dull for some reasons.

This problem is mainly due to the cultural differences. They can't just ride their motorbike to buy papaya salad or harvest their rice anymore. Everything is so different in a western country so when Lao girls move abroad to live with their western husband, it doesn't take long for them to realise that many things don't "work" the same as their birth country. Apart from different languages, living in an environment with an unfamiliar culture with no family around them can cause stress, anxiety or worse mental or physical illness in some instances.

Acceptance is the key that will make the relationship last and be successful with western men. The realisation of the need to adjust to the western way of life, or even reverse, ideas of handling particular situations. It comes time for Lao girls, especially if they grew up in a rural area. One thing is certain, if you're really caring, loving, supportive and always being there for her, she will be more comfortable with you and happier in her new environment.