Is It Safe To Buy Gold In Laos

The simple answer is "yes", provided you buy it from a well established gold shop. It is much safer to buy gold in Laos than in Thailand. Alot of Thai tourists and other foreign visitors often go to Laos to buy gold because it is cheaper and also more pure than in Thailand.

The gold found in Laos is usually better than 98% pure where as gold items in Thailand contains below 93% gold. Thai jewellers like to buy big chunks of gold in Laos and mix them with lead and other impurities to make necklaces and bracelets for sale in Thailand.

Pure gold can't be bargained with in Laos because they are sold at a set price per baht, which is a unique unit of measurement for weighing gold. 1 baht of gold is just over 15 grams and it costs 3,800,000 kip ($450 US).

If you're thinking of buying gold and you don't know much about them, it's best to take someone who is very good about precious metals to follow you. Most Lao families keep gold at home and they wear them during special occasions. Gold can also easily be exchanged for cash in case of emergency. Gold is also a very important part of marriage in Lao culture.