Is It More Fun In A Lao Countryside Or City

Some people say that city life in Laos is more fun than the countryside of Laos. Not everyone is suited to the city and not everyone has the desire to reside permanently in the countryside.

For example, an elderly person may like the countryside because they like the fresh air and the calm and peaceful environment, while a young person may enjoy the city life because they can party and socialise, more jobs are available and they prefer the diverse entertainment sources that are accessible in the city.

So it really comes down to the perspective of the individual whether the city of Vientiane, Luang Prabang and Pakse is more fun than the countryside. Everyone has unique differences and requirements. Therefore, the fun place would have to be the lifestyle that caters for ones necessities.

The advantage of living in the countryside of Laos is that people live in close knit communities. Relatives and friends all come to each others help in need and emergencies. It is beneficial to have a bond within the community, as they will, in turn, offer immediate care.

There is the problem of communication in the countryside of Laos because service providers do not usually provide proper TV and telephone reception. And if the village is distantly located from urban centres, a wide variety of goods and services are not easily available.

In the city, there's a variety of things to do from the huge number of good restaurants to eat at, many markets to do your shopping and the night life is also interesting in night clubs and bars. Access to the internet and public transport is plentiful throughout the city and many things are more modern and fashionable than the countryside.

In a city of Laos especially Vientiane, vehicles and other elements can sometimes pollute the air, which can lead to asthma but it's not too bad because it's only a small city. Peoples lives are more expensive in the city of Laos but at the same time, jobs pay more than a similar position in the countryside.