How To Tell If A Lao Girl Is A Working Girl In Bars

Maybe you just met a nice Lao girl, or you have been in a relationship with a Lao girl for quite some time and you never realised she was or is a bar girl. Well, there are ways to detect if she is selling her body to make money.

One of the obvious clues is to look at the types of friends that she likes to associate with. If she is keeping close contact with girls that look trashy and act "un-Lao", or her friends work in bars and karaoke clubs at night then your girlfriend was in the past or presently associated with bar girl life.

Her piercings are also a sign. If her nose or navel is pierced, or there are many piercings on her ears then it's most likely that she is connected with bar girls in some way. It's not 100 percent, but then again traditional Lao girls don't have those kinds of things.

Phone calls can also be a problem. If she likes to go to another place to talk on her mobile phone (cell phone) then something is definately not right and she is hiding something from you. Most likely if she's hiding something it is another man. Many working girls in Laos have many local as well as foreign boyfriends calling her.

Working girls usually have two or more sim cards, which means they have two phone numbers so that's another thing to observe. Also if she can't be reached by phone, or someone else claiming to be her friend or relative answers for her then that's very strange. A mobile phone is a personal gadget that should be with her at all times so if she keeps avoiding you frequently then there's something fishy going on.

When you enter a serious relationship, she acts differently and does not take care of you much anymore is another sign. Working girls in Laos are never 100 percent committed to you so be careful. Once you're in a relationship all she wants to do is watch TV, eat, sleep during the day and just being plain lazy. Those are a typical bar girl lifestyle. A working girl is never satisfied with what you give her and she always want more and more money, usually they want to look after their family and themselves than worry about you.

It is okay to play around with Lao working girls for pleasure, but just don't get hooked to them because they are not wife material.