How To Make A Lao Girl Happy

If you need advice on how to make a Lao girl happy because you're dating, married or in a relationship, then you're at the right place.

Most men think the best way to make her happy is to give her money and buy her gifts. While those things are nice and sweet, it should only be given to her for special occasions. She shouldn't be dependent on you for financial support all the time and she should take responsibilities in her life.

What if you become broke? She will go off with another guy because you don't have any money to give her. So it's best to avoid spoiling her with too much money and gifts because it will cause problems for you in the long term.

A Lao girl is the happiest when she knows she's number one in your life. To show her this, you can make her happy by listening to her, complimenting her, encouraging her and make her feel important. Tell her you love her and always say something positive to her. Giving a comforting hug and a kiss is a way of showing that you care about her. Make her laugh regularly, they say it's the best medicine in the world. You see, the more she thinks you're fun and cool, the more she would be obsessed with you.

Another thing is try to surprise her once in a while. You could take her out somewhere, like the movies, dinner or holiday. Surprise her with simple things that you don't like to do, but you know she loves such as washing the dishes or have dinner ready for her when she comes home from work. When there is an element of uncertainty there will always be higher levels of interest from a Lao girl. She will get bored of you if everything happens the same every day, so try to maintain the element of mystery and keep her guessing.