How Much Money Should I Bring To Laos

Lets be real, the impact of global financial crisis is spilling over into our lives and most of us don't have alot of money to spend anymore.

However there's no reason why you can't travel abroad to Laos because it is considered one of, if not the cheapest destinations in the world. Apart from the cost of your airfares, you don't really need much spending money. $30 US per day for a mid-range traveller is more than enough for your accommodation, meals and transportation.

If you like to go clubbing, dining at high-class restaurants, doing lots of shopping or travelling long distances between towns then you'll probably spend abit more than that. But for a solo, backpacker type holiday in Laos, around $30 US per day will make your visit a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

Entries into temples and other tourist sites in Laos are for free or cost around $1 US. Street foods cost no more than $2 US and travelling on a tuk-tuk or jumbo is around $1 US but negotiable with the driver, just like most goods and services in Laos that doesn't have a set price.

Most citizens of Laos live off under $100 US income per month and they get by. Yes, understandably a tourist visiting Laos always spends more than the locals, but most things in Laos is cheap so people can afford to buy them.

At the end of the day, how much spending money to budget for is a difficult question to answer. Everyone has their own style and rate of travel spending, but as a rough guide we suggest budgeting a minimum of $600 US for a two week stay in Laos in case there are extra expenses. Laos is such a beautiful country with a unique culture and breathtaking sceneries, and we can assure you that a visit never leaves your wallet feeling empty.