Do Lao Girls Go Out With Guys Outside Their Race

The majority of Lao girls living in Laos prefer Lao guys in a relationship, and not that many date outside of their race.

Many Lao girls living overseas marry guys outside their race simply because these girls have western characteristics from their education and daily lives abroad, whereas Lao girls in Laos live in a very traditional society that is greatly influenced by the Buddhist culture and traditions of Laos.

It's the fearful of the unknown that prevents most Lao girls in Laos from dating guys that's not Lao. This includes the language barrier, how situations are handled, the different beliefs in religion, different cultures and social backgrounds, while on the other hand Lao girls can relate better to local Lao guys and they pretty much know what to expect in a relationship because they have a great reputation for being good boyfriends and family men.

Although Lao girls living in Laos tend to stick with their own ethnicity, the world is changing and some Lao girls are becoming more open to having a relationship with western men and other foreigners who can provide them with the security they crave.

You need to know what she is looking for, where is she at in her life, how might you fit into it, and what you could offer her. A divorced Lao woman might be sick of Lao guys and she's looking around for other options. A single, never married Lao girl might want to start a family and have mixed race kids.

All Lao girls who go out with guys outside of their race possess some western characteristics, so they don't do everything the true Lao way. Guys from a different ethnic background also need to put an effort into understanding Lao culture since their Lao girlfriend will still keep some of her traditional customs.