Do Guys In Laos Marry Lao Girls Living Abroad

Ummm, No. It's hard enough for Lao guys in Laos to even date them, let alone marry them. The vast majority of Lao guys in Laos find Lao girls in foreign countries attractive, but the problem is that the girls are simply not interested in them.

Many Lao girls who live abroad in foreign countries left Laos 20 or 30 years ago as a child to settle in Europe, the USA, Canada and Oceania countries of Australia and New Zealand. Many young girls were also born overseas to Lao parents. Not many of them have been back to Laos.

Lao guys living in Laos don't have alot of money so they can't afford to marry Lao girls living abroad. They also don't have the ability to move overseas, and Lao girls don't want to move back to Laos either. Lao girls living abroad have more advantages in terms of better education, higher paid jobs and better standard of living, so a relationship just won't work out between Lao guys in Laos and Lao girls in foreign countries. Lao girls from abroad are also not into long distance relationships with Lao guys in Laos.

It's not uncommon for Lao guys living abroad to find a Lao wife in Laos because they are prepared to pay for wedding, travel and migration expenses, and that's considered normal. But it just seems ludicrous for an overseas Lao girl to support a struggling Lao guy in Laos.

Most Lao girls in Laos marry early in life, compared to Lao girls living abroad who usually opt to get married when they're well into their 30's. What's best for Lao guys in Laos is to meet and date a young local Lao girl, then eventually marry each other and that's exactly what they do.