Customers Get Fast And Friendly Service In Laos

What sets Laos apart from the rest of the world is that customer service is very quick wherever you go. You can read about it, you can watch documentaries, you can watch the movies, but until you have been to Laos you'll never understand how quick and convenient things are in people's daily lives.

In western countries, you generally need to make an appointment whether you want to visit the dentist, get your vehicle serviced or even getting something fixed in your home. It could take days or even weeks before whatever service you need actually gets done. If orders are out of stock, there is this annoying waiting period.

In Laos, we have what is called a first-come, first-served basis and no prior appointment is necessary most of the time. For instance, if you need your glasses repaired or replaced, just drop in to see the optometrist and it gets done immediately. If you feel unwell then just drop in the hospital.

If you need to fill up your car at the petrol/gas station, an employee is waiting there to do it for you and collect payments on the spot, so no need to get out of your car to fill up and no need to wait in line to pay. Sometimes offices in Laos open earlier than the scheduled opening time. Buses will stop anywhere for passengers to get on and off, and not only at a designated location like in western countries. Street vendors welcome visitors as friends and offers a gentle, friendly spirit and quick service.

These are just some of many advantages of living in Laos, customers are often treated like royalty. Lao people don't like waiting for people and they don't like making them wait long. Providing fast and efficient service in Laos could be the difference between success and failure.