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Good work on the website. I was born in Laos but raised in the U.S. It would be great if you could post
historical events (as well as currrent) and history of Laos and how Laos came to be as a country. I would
like to visit my homeland someday. Keep Laos pride alive!
Laobrother, from Weed, CA
Sun Jan 14 05:01:09 2007
I love your Website. You had done very good job. I love to see the pictures in the your webpage. I always
visit your website evey day to see the pictures. More pictures please!!!
Wang, from Laos
Sun Jan 14 04:59:18 2007
Thank you for creating this site, I need more informations about tourism in Laos.
Panudda Ploy, from Thailand
Sun Jan 14 04:58:17 2007
hi ...i am a farang man...i like lao people..laos is a beautiful place..and lao girls are sooo pretty too...
keith grover, from orange, connecticut
Sun Jan 14 04:57:04 2007
Sabaidee all, nice page !!! Come to see your updating soon, keep up your good job ...
Lay, from Wroclaw, Poland
Sun Jan 14 04:55:38 2007
This is a nice site. I hope to travel there to Laos one day.
Miss Sombath, from California, U.S
Sun Jan 14 04:53:24 2007
Sabaidee........Very nice site indeed. I'll never forget this phrase that was introduced to me by my sister
that belong to Satjadham. I thought that I should share this with all of you. 'Lao by Chance, Proud by
Tic, from Nashville
Sun Jan 14 04:51:52 2007
Very nice webpage and very professionally done! Thank you, Webmaster for creating the site and promoting
Lao beautiful Heritage, custom, and tradition. I'll definitely come back from time to time to visit. Keep up
the great work!
Kith C., from California
Sun Jan 14 04:48:50 2007
Wow.. very good website.. To Sao Lao... I like very much the message you leave, i support your writing... I'm
so pround to be too.... The administration is something above us.. but we're people who are same as the other
nation...... so be pround to be lao..
Mon, from Vientiane, Laos
Sun Jan 14 04:45:29 2007
Well!! nice to see another Lao Web-site and I like it.
Kiyay, from Canada
Sat Jan 13 18:18:16 2007
Sabaidee,,,laogirls..is very nice site..i realy love it,,,,kop jai for let me know this
site..i'll come visiting again...
Mouky-Phongoudm, from Seattle, wa USA
Sat Jan 13 18:16:43 2007
I am so proud to be Lao.
Even if Laos is communist, I'm still proud to be Lao.
Even if Laos was the poorest country in the world, I'm still proud to be Lao.
Even if I was born abroad, I still consider myself Lao.
Even if I don't speak Lao well, I still call myself Lao.
Even if I can barely read Lao, I'm still Lao.
Even in 20 years, I'm not going to change I am still Lao.
I am so proud to be Lao. Lao is everything in my life. I can't believe why people, many asians don't like to call themselves Lao, they always have to be mixed. But me, I just say I'm Lao. My parents speak it, their parents speak, and their parents speak it. I eat 'kaow neow' and I eat 'padaak'. I love 'dum maak hoong'. To call myself something that I'm not would be terrible, for to me being Lao is the best thing I can be.
Sao Lao, from Vientiane, Lao
Sat Jan 13 18:07:41 2007

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