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Wishing for Laos to be Independence (Laos need to control by Lao).
Dallas Setthathirath, from Dallas, Tx USA
Sun Nov 22 20:23:35 2009
My Name is Mr. Prince Koffi from Ghana West Africa, I am looking for a lady for long term relationship.
Please kindly contact me as soon as possible
Mr. Prince.C.Koffi, from Accra-Ghana
Sat Nov 21 23:46:51 2009
Will be visiting Vientiane for work very soon. Know many Lao people in Aust and they wonderful kind people.
I'm sure that the people I meet in Vientiane will be just as nice.
Ken Williams, from Wollongong Australia
Sat Nov 21 15:35:48 2009
I am an older man living alone on my farm. I am looking for a wife between 35 and 50 years old. I looked at
your site. It is very good but the girls look so young. But all are very beautiful. Thank you Jim...
Jim Bennett, from goulburn...Australia
Mon Nov 16 21:53:05 2009
Interested in a long term relationship that will lead to marriage
R Palmer, from England
Sun Nov 15 20:32:53 2009
just looking for love
Tremaine, from San Antonio TX, US
Sun Nov 15 11:41:47 2009
looking for that someone special
bill, from portland oregon usa
Tue Nov 3 09:43:22 2009
i would like to have friends from your country, laos. i just find the girls very very pretty.
jigs trocino, from manila, philippines
Mon Nov 2 13:19:13 2009
I'm happy to be lao hehehe
phone, from Melbourne /Australia
Wed Aug 8 21:59:49 2007
G'day Mate, looking for a friend to chat to.. drop me a line
johnny k, from australia
Sun Jul 22 01:13:41 2007
I am happy to have found your website. It is hard to find Lao websites. I love your country very much and
hope to live out there soon. Thank you
kevin johnson, from Winnipeg, Canada
Sat Jul 14 14:01:32 2007
p.s: I noticed your website from way back.

I am Employment Agent from Thailand (also Australia & Singapore): looking to place Skilled-Workers into jobs
in Laos-MNC/J.V projects including Offshore, Mining, Construction, etc.

Also Thai Food Products & specialty items.
Wed Jul 4 10:37:52 2007
hi friend of laos
saveng, from usa
Wed May 30 08:14:14 2007
ai sak, from usa
Thu Mar 15 11:05:18 2007
This site is pretty cool! There's a lot for me to learn about my culture and this will be apart of my
learning. Ya'll did a great job!
L.B.S., from USA
Sun Mar 4 17:26:24 2007
Dear my my darling , How are you ? Dp you work hard or not if you do not I would like to contact you because
I wanna to enjoy with you if it is possible. How do you think of this .

I hope I will get a news from you soon !

See you !

With love
Thongvanh, from Vientiane
Sun Jan 28 12:37:41 2007
Wean, from Laos
Mon Jan 22 11:48:23 2007
Sai By Dee Everybody. i'm so glad 2 have found this site :) been searching a lot 4 Lao sites, trying to learn
more about our culture.. ur site's great, enjoyed reading msg B.. didn't realize it's a whole new world online,
sometimes i forget to look beyond the horizon. thxs
Alisin, from Bothell, WA
Sun Jan 14 05:44:56 2007
I really like your site...I was reading your visitors comments that are posted on the page, and I am
disgusted by Kong's comment...hopefully in the near future you'll think twice about what you post up and
what you delete, because I am proud of my heritage. I am a Laotian asian american and was born in america,
feeling proud of who I am is important to me and we don't need to be reading the bastard's comments like
that, if anything, Thai people are ignorant if he's like that. Also, you should include some Laotian american
girls on your site too.
Kristinna Donsy, from United States
Sun Jan 14 05:43:21 2007
Great site... it's good to see Laotian from around the globe communicating... ;)

Not to meantion the site is easy on the eyes as well...

great job.
Dang Somvang, from Moreno Valley, CA USA
Sun Jan 14 05:38:50 2007
jus wana say 'yall ga a nice site sisters', pretty good idea girls. well keep it up, yall gona be the next
future lao mama. don't stay tu much in the house: hangout, parta...y or whatever.
kham, from laos, vientiane, but i ain't there no more, gosh i miss laos.
Sun Jan 14 05:37:23 2007
Fascinating web site!! Its nice to see Laotians people around the world talking to each other.

Muang Luang Prabang baby!!!
phet, from san diego, ca
Sun Jan 14 05:35:32 2007
I am a Canadian Businessman living in Canada for the past 33yrs. I am of Sri Lankan origin. A firm believer
of Budhism. I am a traveller intend visiting Laos in September this year. I am seeking to find an honest
attractive female travel companion/Friend in Laos who could travel with me to all Budhist temples and site
seeing. Would you be able to refer or guide me in this request.
Prem, from Calgary, Alberta, CANADA
Sun Jan 14 05:34:20 2007
Sabaidee Sao Lao Took Took Kon.....

This is a great site...Keep up all the good work Lao People.....

Very proud of you all....
SugarBabe, from L'pool..England
Sun Jan 14 05:31:19 2007
I love your website. I not even Lao, but I have Lao friends. They are just beautiful people to me.

Keep it up.

Gorgeous web site.
Amir, from Milwaukee (US)
Sun Jan 14 05:29:51 2007
sa bai dee...!!

i was lookin 4 a laos website n i saw ur one n i am pleased to say that it is a very good site. has pictures
of laos girls n even though i neva been to laos i noe that it is a great country n im proud to be laos!! itz
good to finally see a site where it says n shows the true colour of laos.. peace! LAOS IN THE HOUSE!!
Roggie, from Sydney
Sun Jan 14 05:26:10 2007
Sabaidee. I just wanted to say keep up the good work and it's nice to have sites like this for Lao people.
Your work is very well done and very creative. I just wanted to say that I'm proud, honored, and grateful to
be known as Lao. I wouldn't want to be born as anything else besides Lao. Kob jai lai lai.
Nalone Sengamphone, from Tarpon Springs, Florida USA
Sun Jan 14 05:10:29 2007

i luvv yoor payge!!!

im LAOZ tooh! buh i was born in canada

buh i still be reppin!! LAOZ PRYDE FO LYFE!

soon im gonna go backhome to Laos!!!!

kool site! keep up tha good work!!

Savitri a.k.a. sAo LaO nOi, from Kitchener, ON. cAnAdA
Sun Jan 14 05:07:48 2007
finally we got a cool site. I love to listen to trance, rave and freestyle. If you got same interest or just
want a pal. write to me then at xtrance07@yahoo.com

max, from usa
Sun Jan 14 05:05:49 2007
sabaidee SAO LAO EYE NONG!!! I was born in LAOS, I like very much you web site laogirls FREEDOM!!
I love very much name people calling LAO or Laotiane!! I will back to visite LAOS very soon!! I'm single ok...
laumsay, from oh, usa
Sun Jan 14 05:04:28 2007

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