Can I Ask A Beer Lao Girl Out On A Date

If you have visited the bars and some of the restaurants in Laos, then you have probably seen some Beer Lao (Beerlao) girls, who dress in a traditional Lao dress (sinh) with a yellow Beer Lao shirt and emblem.

In Laos, we also have Tiger Beer girls, Carlsberg girls and the occasional Pepsi girls who represent different companies. They all do the same job but in this article we will focus our attention on Beer Lao girls.

The girls are transported to and from work during the evening in a Beer Lao brewery company van. The girls represent Beer Lao and they work at different establishments regularly, so the same girl is not always seen in the same bar or restaurant. This is because they want new faces to appeal to regular customers.

Beer Lao girls come around to the tables and their job is to serve drinks to customers. Unlike the typical working girls in sexy outfits, Beer Lao girls have more class because they work for a major company and high standards are set. The girls are banned from sitting with customers and they are also prohibited from drinking alcohol at work.

You are allowed to talk to the girls only in a civilised manner, and cannot touch or harass them. And I'm afraid to say that Beer Lao girls are not allowed to go out with you during their work.

However, there's nothing to stop you from asking her out on a date or dinner for another day when she is free. You are allowed to ask for her phone number and if she likes you, she will be more than happy to give it to you. Keep your conversation short and friendly, remember she is working so she can't be around you all the time.

Nearly all Beer Lao girls are young, beautiful, traditional and they are well respected among the Lao community. The girls may be studying and working at the same time, and they may be single or in a relationship, it doesn't hurt to ask her.