Are There Any Strip Clubs And Go-Go Bars In Laos

There are no strip clubs and go-go bars featuring dancers in Laos due to government regulations, and these sorts of establishments have no place in a traditional Lao society.

However, like in every country, Laos have many ordinary nightclubs with bars and dance floors located throughout the cities.

There are also many beer bars throughout Laos that cater men. This is where you will find many Lao girls to talk and have a drink with you. The girls are not employed for pole dancing or any form of dancing inside the bar, nor do they dress in bikini outfits like in Thailand.

You are allowed to take any girl of your choice out to your hotel, go to a restaurant for dinner or basically anywhere you want to go together, but the girl has to agree and a full payment needs to be made to the bar management. They will decide themselves how much the girl will receive from them, so you are not required to give any money to the girl because all payments have been made to the bar owner, but it is up to you if you want to give her some tips.

The prices vary depending if you want to take a girl out for a short time or overnight, and sometimes ranked by how beautiful she is. Short time in general means taking a girl out of the bar with you to your hotel, guesthouse or apartment, spend an hour together for pleasure, until the girl leaves. She will not spend the night with you.

Long term means she stays overnight, and she is expected to return back to the bar early in the morning. Not many girls will stay with you for more than a night, prices for overnight will be more than a short time together.

Beer bars in Laos usually close around 1-2 am. You may try to make an arrangement with the girl, to meet her somewhere in the neighborhood, this way you can negotiate a cheaper price with her and avoid paying the bar owner. However, if they find out about it, she will be in serious trouble.

Why? This is because the bar owner is sheltering her, providing food for her, and looking after her needs, so naturally they require some compensation. If the girl secretly goes out with a customer without informing the bar and keeps all the money to herself, that is like disrespecting them and showing a lack of appreciation for everything that they've done for her.

In conclusion, although there's no strip clubs and go-go bars in Laos, beer bars are the closest thing to them and the girls can be fun to be with if you're alone and bored. Just don't get hooked on them because they are bad news.