Are Hmong Girls Considered To Be Lao Girls

Hmong girls are ethnic minorities in Laos and also in Thailand, Vietnam and China. Although there are still many Hmongs living in Laos today, the mainstream Lao people don't consider Hmong girls as Lao girls because they are not of the Lao ethnic group.

Hmong people are not the only ethnic group in Laos, there are many others such as Tai Dam and Tai Daeng, but the Hmongs are more well known in the world due to their involvement in the war in Laos and their large community of people living in Laos and the United States of America.

Most Hmong girls look similar to a Chinese or Korean, and they are different to a typical Lao girl who are more attractive with their natural Lao appearance.

In Laos, you wouldn't find many Lao guys who are married to a Hmong girl. Hmong girls generally marry within their race or to a foreigner.

Lao people now refer to Hmong people as "Lao soong" (high landers). Back in the olden days, Laotians used to call them "meo" but it is now avoided since it offends the Hmongs even though Laotians don't consider it to be derogatory.

These days, there are many Hmongs living in and around Vientiane and Luang Prabang. There's none in Pakse due to its southern location of the country. Hmong people in Laos are rich from their business skills and financial assistance from their relatives in the US.